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Visit to Futurium

Last week we had an opportunity to have a little tour around Berlin with one of ours groups from “Game-based learning” course and their teacher Rajeshwari. Since our guests from Spain, Italy and Croatia know Berlin quite good, we decided to explore some new places. Among many attractions in the city we chose to go to Futurium.

Futurium is a new highlight on the Berlin's map, which was opened on 5 September 2019. It is situated directly on a River Spree next to Reichstag building and central railway station. The building is quite impressive and surely not to be missed. It was designed by the Berlin architects Richter and Musikowski and relies – as authors say – on both pure, sculptural forms and openness and accessibility.

In museum, you can find two big spaces. On the first floor — the exhibition focused on the current state of information about what awaits us in the future, as well as on ideas about how our work, home or interpersonal relations will look in the future. In the basement –The Futurium Lab, where guests can experience and test various things. Everything is interactive and in short is a big playground for adults that brings joy and what is more, it is free to enter.

Futurium is open from Wednesday to Monday from 10 am. To 6 pm. It's very easy to find and if you visit Berlin soon, this place should be definitely on your list.


Alexanderufer 2 10117 Berlin

Opening Hours: Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun: 10:00 – 18:00

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