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Start Up With Business

Day 1 - Arrival
  • Participants will be transferred from the airport to the accommodation in Berlin.

Day 2 - Focus on
  • Meet&Greet Session
  • Presentation of Globtrain International Agency programs, main activities and staff
  • What is a business? Entrepreneurial and business idea
  • Check the validity of the product, the business model and preconceptions
Day 3 - How to Create a Business
  • Meeting with a representative of a local business in Berlin 
  • Workshop: Corporate Image and Web Presence
Day 4 - Let's Get Started
  • Enterprise development and an introduction to the business plan
  • Workshop: Create your business plan
Day 5 - Success of Failure Factor
  • Workshop: What do you need to know? Possible factors involved in performance
  • Workshop: Brainstorming: Think about your business idea
  • Visit to a successful business
Day 6 - My Idea of Business
  • Introduce a short presentation about your idea of a business and how to create it
  • Final evaluations
  • Delivery of Certificates of Participation
Day 7 - Departure
  • Departure of participants


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